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HIPAA Security Awareness Education Training

Are you providing required training for your staff?

EHR Resources offers onsite HIPAA Security Awareness Training sessions across the US at multiple locations to allow flexibility and convenience for you and your staff. For organizations required to provide HIPAA training to employees, we provide onsite HIPAA training for one or multiple training sessions. We can custom design a HIPAA training course according to your organization's specific needs in complying with HIPAA requirements.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules require organizations to train all workforce members on its privacy and security policies and procedures, as necessary and appropriate for each person to carry out their job functions. EHR Resources provides HIPAA training in various options ranging from web-based, online training to on-site in-person training.

Our HIPAA Awareness training course covers a general overview of HIPAA in addition to safeguards required to protect the privacy of protected health information in electronic form (computer data, electronic transmissions, etc) and is recommended for all workforce members including management to provide more detailed understanding of HIPAA Security.

Breaches of patient and consumer data continue to proliferate; the tremendous publicity that breaches outside of the HIPAA area have received, such as the hacking of Home Depot, Sony, and most recently Anthem on Feb. 13, will create more pressure on HHS' Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to enforce HIPAA breaches. Our HIPAA Security Awareness Training provides knowledge to your staff and helps them understand the details of an attack. This enables security teams to focus their efforts where they count and where to take immediate action.

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